Post Docs

Qualified candidates are strongly encouraged to inquire about available positions in the lab. Recent PhDs with training in Cell Biology or Molecular Genetics or Bioengineering are required. If you would like to know more and have some ideas on how best you can contribute, please email Professor Rao with your specific interests.

Graduate Students (FUNDING AVAILABLE)

If you want an exciting place to explore stem cell research, then drop us a line. The work can be difficult and the hours long, but the reward is a PI who will worship you. OK, not always. But if research in this field stimulates your interests, email me with some of your background and some particulars about what you want to do.

UArk graduate students who have been admitted may contact Prof. Rao about opportunities to join the lab. Graduate students are encouraged to apply to the MS program in Biomedical Engineering or to the PhD program in Engineering. Designated offers prior to admission are not typically awarded, thus students are encouraged to apply first. Depending on background and experience, graduate students in other disciplines may also be eligible to join the group.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

UArk undergraduates interested in conducting stem cell research are strongly encouraged to directly contact Prof. Rao for consideration. Submit electronic copies of 1) A resume, including work history and references, 2) copy of academic transcripts and 3) statement of purpose 4) research project of interest. Consideration will be given for highly responsible and motivated students. Undergraduate students are expected to commit to a minimum of 2 semesters and approximately 10 hrs/wk if they seriously want to conduct research in the lab. Students will have to register for the appropriate research course in their academic programs.